It has been a busy week for our talented artists in the Prep School.  On Monday 12 November, nine Y8 pupils worked alongside local artist, Lindsay Chessum, to produce a self-portrait in five hours. Boys ripped an A3 self-portrait photograph into thirds, casting aside the middle third to sketch the lines that had been lost. They learned the process of painting from lean to fat, developing tones, colour and details in layers. This was a challenge in the time they had but all boys were able to produce exciting results.

Over two half-day workshops with Mr Studd on Wednesday 14 and Friday 16 November, 14 enrichment artists from Y7 took on the sculptural style of Alberto Giacometti. They produced figure armatures in wire strengthened by masking tape, before manipulating limbs and torso to create figures in expressive motion. We had footballers volleying a world cup final goal, actors performing on stage, dancers in pose, as well as a number of sportsmen. Boys managed mod-roc as their medium to create the sharp and coarse textures that made Giacometti famous. Their work will be displayed in the EMH foyer at the start of next week. Please do pop in and view the work of this aspiring bunch!

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