Since the start of the term, our Y3 boys have been busy exploring the fantastical world of the Ancient Egyptians. It is always a topic that fires the imagination, so when the boys were challenged to create vibrant and exciting mini projects, they jumped in whole-heartedly.

Mrs Carrington, Miss Hone and Mr Whitbread have been blown away by the incredible work and sheer array of projects, which have included everything from model sphinx to impressive Pharoah mummy masks to intricate hieroglyphics. Well done, everyone.

“Absolutely phenomenal effort by all! What a joy it is to see all your independent research and learning.”

Mrs Carrington

There is no doubt how much the boys are enjoying this topic and how much they have learned so far! And there is even more fun to come with an ancient Egyptian themed day at the end of this half of the term and far more to learn on this fascinating period of history.

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