Our Y3 boys enjoyed an authentic taste of Greece this week as they headed to the Dining Hall to kick off their new topic for the term: Greece.

During the fun introductory session, the boys enjoyed a whole host of traditional Greek foods – from pitta bread to lamb kebab, hummus to taramasalata, feta cheese to loukoumades, delicious golden balls of fried dough in a sweet syrup that are a speciality of Crete. There were plenty of new foods and flavours to try.

Over the coming weeks, the boys also have plenty to look forward to; they will explore Greece’s geography and its appeal as a tourist destination, learn about Greek Gods and Goddesses and the country’s many myths and legends before writing their own stories and performing a play, discover how the Ancient Greek alphabet and many words are still in use today, take a look at the Olympics, uncover artefacts and make their own stamnos: a type of Greek pottery used to store liquids. They may even try a bit of Greek dancing before the highlight of the term: Greek day!

It looks like a busy and exciting term ahead!

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