When approached by Hugh Maltby, Director of the Bedford School Association (BSA), I jumped at the chance to become part of the BSA team as Chair of the Past Parents’ Association – having spent 11 years encouraging and enjoying seeing my son take full advantage of the all the opportunities Bedford School offers – why wouldn’t I do the same?

Dan attended Bedford School (09-20) immersing himself fully and we quickly became part of the School community.  This was not a new thing for us as my husband, Rob, is also an OB (84-89) and I attended Bedford Girls’ School (or more accurately, one of its predecessors, BHS 83-90). With our daughter Holly also now a BGS alumnae (10-21), I guess our blood runs Bedford!

I graduated from the University of Nottingham and, with an Economics degree, the Bank of England was an obvious choice for a career. I enjoyed a variety of roles at the Bank and then with the Financial Services Authority. Once the children arrived, I took the bold decision to take an extended career break to restore our work-life equilibrium; this also enabled me to volunteer and support the activities and communities that were now pivotal to our lives,  and who rely on such support to continue.  This also meant that there was some time left over for running and baking!

I think I enjoyed Dan’s time at Bedford almost as much as he did – the sense of community within the School and the warmth of welcome on every occasion, rain or shine, stand out in my memories of Dan’s time at school. We forged great friendships through happy hours spent pitchside – wind, rain, sleet and intense sun seem less of a challenge when there’s laughter on the sidelines as well as great sport on the pitch.

The BSA has a vision “to harness the strengths and support of all associated with the School – past and present – for the benefit of all”. I know that my family have, and continue, to benefit from this support and there are many around us who feel the same. I’m looking forward to engaging past parents and working to promote events and ideas that help us come together within the School community and continue to contribute positively to support past, present and future generations, whilst having lots of fun along the way!

As you can see, there is a busy calendar of events already and the BSA team are planning more still. I hope to catch up with lots of you in the coming months and I’d love to hear from you in the meantime – so please drop me an email at bsa@bedfordschool.org.uk.

Philippa Smith – past parent

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