I had an interesting postbag last week – a number of
letters from friends and family (which you might expect when you start a new
job or a new school); but also, given the role I have taken on, a huge number
of letters from people I do not know – current parents, past parents, past
staff, friends of the school and most noticeably Old Boys.  There are 8000 living Old Boys, some of whom
you saw back here playing rugby on Saturday morning, and what struck me about
all of these letters was the display of sheer love for this school from men who
left not just in the last 10 years, but up to 60 years ago.  Here are a couple of my favourite extracts:


The thing that keeps coming back to me is that one day
you (and I, for that matter) will all be in the same boat.  Your days at Bedford School will be a thing
of the past; you will have accumulated great memories – some fond, some not so
fond. You will talk about these memories for the rest of your life and, to a very
significant extent, they will shape you as a person.  What is exciting is that you have your chance
to shape those memories right now; today and in the coming weeks, months and (for
most of you) years.  Make the most of
it.  Those octogenarians who wrote in,
with wonderful stories of their own lives, certainly did.


Let us pray:

We pray, Lord, that you help us to take our
opportunities, to understand our privilege and responsibilities, and to lead
long and happy lives.





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