As part of the Citizenship Day programme on 24th September 2015 a number of younger OBs returned to the School to talk to the U6th about their studies after Bedford School and the individual paths they have taken. They spoke about the UCAS process, work experience, selecting the right course at university, and selecting the right university. They also touched upon various GAP year programmes and formal schemes being run by companies for non-graduates. Perhaps most importantly, it was highlighted that exams do not always go to plan and that on occasions there may be a need to adapt and rethink plans. 

The boys enjoyed meeting OBs who were a few years ahead of them and could pass on some sound advice. Thank you to the OBs for coming back and supporting the School in this way.

Left to right, Henry Banks (01-11), Eddy Arbe-Barnes (09-14), Josiah Herbert (11-13), James Stroomer (08-13), Tom Hall (03-14)

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