Our Y8 boys were delighted to be heading off into the wild last week following a year with very few trips due to the pandemic.

One of the most highly-anticipated trips, the Bushcraft residential always proves a memorable experience for both boys and staff. This year, perhaps more poignantly than ever before, it offered the boys the chance to make memories with their friends, enjoy and relax in the natural camaraderie they share and, quite simply, have fun together.

Their home for the camp was the great outdoors, and during their days of living in the forest and sleeping under the stars, the boys enjoyed connecting with nature, working together and learning new skills.

As ever, they enthusiastically covered themselves in camouflage cream and leaves to blend into their environment for camouflage and archery sniper (with foam-tipped arrows) games. They learned how to throw a tomahawk and build dens. They also put their first aid skills (learned the week before) to the test in the forest, went on wilderness walks, made campfires, told stories and sang songs. To say that the trip was action-packed would be an understatement!

The trip was a truly wonderful experience, the memories of which we hope will stay with the boys for many years to come.

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