Our Y5 life skills programme has continued this term with a focus on food, cooking and dining.  During their sessions in the Dining Hall last week, our Y5 boys learned how to set the table for a dinner party. So, if you are ever confused about how many knives and forks you need and which side your side plate should be, do ask the boys. 

This week, they enjoyed an exciting peek behind the scenes in the kitchens of our Dining Hall. During their tour, they met the team who prepare their yummy meals each day and saw the substantial cooking appliances used to cook the considerable volumes of food served each day. They found out about the steps our catering staff take to look after boys withspecial diets and food allergies, and learned about food safety and how a clever colour system prevents contamination of food types. They also saw first-hand the incredible knife skills of our chefs as they watched them prepare our boarders’ evening meal and took a peek in the fridges and freezers – cold but fun!

“The freezer was fun – my legs were so cold!”


“The best bit was seeing all the food.”


The boys then put their newfound knowledge to the test in a quick quiz, answering questions such as: True or false – you can use the same knife to cut raw and cooked food items? And, list three things that you should never do at a formal occasion when sat at the table. 

Next week, the boys will learn more about hygiene and knife skills before making omelettes the following week. The final week is a surprise for the boys, but we are sure they will enjoy it enormously.

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