Our intrepid Y5 geographers enjoyed a problem-solving afternoon in the sun on Tuesday as they followed some brilliantly designed treasure maps in the hope of discovering an appealing and tasty reward.

In groups, boys from Miss Goodman’s and Mr Loader’s geography classes put their map-making skills to good use to create some highly detailed maps. The classes then challenged each other to follow the trails laid out on the maps. Using their map reading skills, the boys worked together to decipher four-digit grid references, work out directions from compass roses and identify symbols to hunt around the playground for hidden coloured markers.  And, when they were found—and some were hidden extremely well—the boys received their treasure: doughnuts!

“It was wonderful to see the boys putting their geography skills into action, both in creating the maps and following them to their destinations. There was a great friendly rivalry between the two classes, which made the activity all the more fun for everyone.”

Miss Goodman
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