We are always impressed with our boys’ creativity, and this half term, our Y4 and Y5 boys have truly excelled themselves.

In art, our Y4 boys, inspired by George Seurat’s art, have been exploring pointillism – a painting technique that uses small, distinct dots of colour in patterns to form an image – also referred to as ‘peinture au point’ (painting by dots). The boys’ meticulous artwork, full of pure bright colours, is a joy to see.

Our Y4 boys have also been creating bird feeders made from recycled materials in DT. With all the recent snow and cold weather, we do not doubt that the birds are very grateful for their inventive, ‘green’ and well-stocked feeders.

In RE, our Y5 boys have turned their creative talents to creating stained glass windows. This half term, the boys have been learning about Jesus’ teachings and, in particular, the Sermon on the Mount. After discussing each of the Beatitudes: the eight blessings recounted by Jesus, the boys were invited to create their own stained-glass window to represent one of them. The finished results are beautiful pieces of art for their families to enjoy!

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