Not content with making the Prep School better for everyone by keeping it clean and tidy, our Y3 and Y4 Eco Monitors set themselves a new challenge over the last two weeks: to earn ‘green’ Blue Peter badges by being climate heroes.  

To gain their special ‘green’ badges, our 11 Eco Monitors selected three pledges, one from each of the following areas: Power, Plastic and Plants, to complete for two weeks. The boys also committed to one supersized pledge: to turn off lights at school when they are not in use. 

We are pleased to say that they have been busy completing their individual pledges and the supersized pledge with great commitment and efficiency, as the photos below show.

The boys even went over and above the requirements of the Blue Peter challenge by joining our Science Technician, Mr Roberts, for a special lunchtime environmental science session. Using equipment usually reserved for boys in Y7 and Y8, the Eco Monitors looked at various working models and saw how they produced and used energy. They learned about the need for energy throughout history, covering steam engines, wind power, solar power, hydroelectric power and even water wheels in the fun and hands-on session.

Mr Roberts told us, “I was interested to hear where the project was going and what the Eco Monitors felt that they could achieve. It was great to listen to their answers. They varied from switching off lights to electric cars and other methods of using less energy. The session was great fun and well worth the effort.” 

Evidence of the boys’ endeavours is now on its way to Blue Peter, and we hope that the boys will be awarded their ‘green’ badges very soon. The badges will make a marvellous accompaniment to the Eco Monitor badges the boys already proudly wear. 

“I am so proud of all the boys; they have proved real climate heroes!” 

Mrs Carrington
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