Boys and
staff enjoyed a selection of wonderful presentations on World Theatre from IB
drama students
on Tuesday 15 March.

Head of
Academic Drama, Antoinette Keylock, commented, “
The exciting world
theatre presentations were highly innovative for the IB students. I think it is
the most interesting part of the whole course. The students have to research
into a new theatre tradition and explore this in great detail. I was delighted
with the informative presentations this year.”

Daniel Hickey on
Karagöz shadow theatre

“I greatly enjoyed the process of researching Karagöz
shadow theatre and giving a short performance as part of my IB theatre course.
It’s really interesting to investigate a tradition that’s rooted in a
completely different culture to my own and learn enough about it to give an
informative talk and be able to perform it myself.”

Cory Bloxham on
Kathakali Theatre

“I did my world theatre presentation on Kathakali, an Indian
dance drama founded in the present day state of Kerala in the 17th

This type of theatre has been completely new to me and
whilst researching it I was fascinated by the precision and the accuracy of
each hand gesture (mudra) and each facial expression (navarasa), the use of
vibrant and bold make-up and costume, and the intense and very traditional
nature of Kathakali.

Although, the research started slow, and after watching an
example of Kathakali I questioned why I chose it in the first place, after
further research and understanding of the context I became captivated by its
complexity and its uniqueness. The world theatre presentation included doing a
performance of my chosen theatre tradition, and this was the hardest element of
the presentation, because for Kathakali there is a different hand gesture for
each word and you have to mix these with facial expressions, which takes a
professional actor many years of training to perfect.

Overall, this research has changed myself as an actor
because I know see the value of small precise actions being as important as the
large characterisation of each individual stock characters, and has changed my
perception of world theatre in general, realising that it’s not as different as
we may first think.”


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