Our Y3 and Y4 boys once again immersed themselves in the wonderful world created by JK Rowling as they celebrated Harry Potter Day 2020.

Potter Potion word problems and ‘Spell’-ing lessons were on the timetable on Thursday 6 February as we transfigured lessons for the fun-filled day. Of course, Quidditch was the hotly contested sport for afternoon games – complete with quaffles, bludgers and even a speedy human snitch who appeared at random!

After a morning of magic, our young wannabe wizards were ready for the feast that awaited them in Hogwarts’ Great Hall (aka the Dining Hall). Full of chocolate frogs, shortbread snitches and butterbeer, the boys then let their creativity run wild in the library, creating origami monster bookmarks, quill pens and their very own dragon egg designs with great enthusiasm.

In a special session after school, and in honour of this year’s theme: The Goblet of Fire, the boys, still happily wearing their cloaks and clutching their wands, had a great time making fire-breathing dragons and marble mazes. All too soon the day came to a close, but not before some readings about the exciting Triwizard Tournament – magical story-telling for a magical day celebrating the wonder of imagination and reading.

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