The second half of the term saw 106 Prep boys compete in the eagerly awaited Composition Competition. 

The boys have worked on their compositions throughout the term; starting out with sound pictures in Y3 to the creation of comprehensive compositions in Y8.  Throughout their time in the Prep School, the boys develop their use of original melodic content, texture, structure and the use of the elements of music.  The boys are encouraged to experience the creative aspect of music, given a starting stimulus and then carefully guided into exploring ways in which to create a piece of music to represent their subject matter.

This year’s semi-final was very ably adjudicated by Jeremy Rouse who was exceedingly impressed with the excellent standard of our boys, in particular, the Y5 boys. For the final, we welcomed Tasmin Lodder, Head of Music and Arts Co-ordinator at Goldington Academy to adjudicate, who was brilliant! The boys and parents certainly warmed to her enthusiastic and encouraging critique.  Congratulations go to all the boys who performed, in particular to our Y8 winners this year; Ben Edwards, George Gebhardt, Josha Mital, Oliver Pope for their very evocative and thought-provoking piece named Past, Present, Future.

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