”I Should Paint My Own Places Best’
by Anne Lyles

C.R. Leslie, Constable’s first biographer, noted that the subjects of the painter’s art are invariably connected in some way with his Suffolk upbringing, or with other locations (such as Salisbury, Hampstead or Brighton) which he visited in connection with family or close friends. Together, Leslie wrote, they formed a history of the artist’s affections. This lecture will argue that Constable’s work is always grounded in a profound sense of place, especially his paintings of Suffolk scenery which he once claimed had originally inspired him to become a painter. Anne Lyles is an art historian and curator specialising in late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century British landscape painting.  She worked at Tate Britain for twenty-five years, and is a leading authority on the art of John Constable. Her recent publications include Constable: the Great Landscapes (Tate Britain and other venues) and Constable Portraits (National Portrait Gallery and Compton Verney 2009). 

Date:     Tuesday 22 September 2015

Time:    7.30pm

Venue:  Erskine May Hall

Cost:     Admission Free



‘Frank Auerbach’
by William Feaver 

Every Monday evening for the past 12 years William Feaver has sat for Frank Auerbach and, coinciding with Auerbach’s exhibition at Tate Britain, he will discuss what it is like to sit and watch, over so many years, the way he works. William Feaver who was for many years the art critic for The Observer, is also a painter and has been the curator of exhibitions ranging from George Cruikshank to the Tate retrospectives of Michael Andrews and Lucian Freud (subject of his most recent book), Constable (Grand Palais Paris 2003). His book ‘Pitmen Painters’ was recently adapted by Lee Hall for an award-laden play. He is currently engaged in writing the biography of Lucian Freud. Friendship with these two outstanding artists provides the basis for the lecture. 

Date:     Thursday 12 November 2015

Time:    7.30pm

Venue:  Erskine May Hall

Cost:     Admission Free

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