‘The Pitmen Painters’

The Ashington Group founded in 1934 was a WEA class in art appreciation that transformed itself into a unique venture recording every aspect of life in the mid-Northumberland coalfield. Bill got to know the surviving members of the Group in the 1970’s and as an honorary member was instrumental in saving their collection of 100 or so paintings. Their celebrity in the 1930’s has been eclipsed in recent years, their work having been widely shown internationally (including a highly successful tour in China, in 1980) and Lee Hall’s play, based on Bill’s book ‘Pitmen Painters’  has been staged in recent years on every continent. William Feaver who was for many years the art critic for The Observer, is also a painter and has been the curator of exhibitions ranging from George Cruikshank to the Tate retrospectives of Michael Andrews and Lucian Freud (subject of his most recent book), Constable (Grand Palais Paris 2003).

Date: Tuesday 27 September 2016
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: The Erskine May Hall
Cost: Free


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