The weather may have been wild this week with torrential rain and wind, but that did nothing to dampen the spirits of our Y8 boys on their three-day Bushcraft trip.

Sleeping under canvas, with woods and the great outdoors to roam by day, the boys enjoyed connecting with nature, working together and learning new skills.

Not only did they master the art of cooking over a wood fire – as anyone who tried their panassed salmon or pancakes will attest – they also learned key life skills. A highlight of the trip for many was the SOS first aid activity where the boys came to the aid of Mr Silk, Mrs Loader and Mrs Hooley in an emergency scenario. We are pleased to say that they worked together with confidence and skill to save the day and their teachers!

They also covered themselves in camouflage cream and leaves to blend into their environment for camouflage and played archery tag (with foam-tipped arrows) games; learned to throw a tomahawk, went on wilderness walks, enjoyed tribe tug-of-war, built campfires, sang songs and competed in ‘Tribes Got Talent’. 

May we take this opportunity to apologise to parents for the dirty clothes heading home but we can vouch that a great deal of fun was had to get them that muddy!

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