We operate a vertical tutorial structure at Bedford School as we believe that it enables us to look after our pupils better – academically, pastorally and spiritually; further fostering the great sense of community we have in the school.

Each tutor group is made up of twelve boys from all years of the Upper School from within the same house. This familial structure allows new pupils to develop alongside boys further along in their educational journey.  Acting as role models, older students adopt positions of responsibility and help younger boys learn and thrive.  

All boys also benefit through participating in a wide range of experiences with their peers from different year groups; sharing their experiences, expertise and skills. 

To ensure a continuity of care, each boy’s tutor remains the same throughout his time at the school. This long-term relationship allows each boy and his tutor to build strong bonds and a high degree of trust. Tutors follow each boy’s academic progress closely and, in partnership with parents, provide direct and individual support and guidance.