The most important thing about Sanderson’s is that it is a home for all the boys who live here, and it is no coincidence that lifelong friendships are created in their time in the House. Tolerance, friendship, support, honesty and respect are integral to the ethos of the house and it is through the strong relationships between the house staff, parents and boys that we aim to instil these values.

Every boy in the House is treated as an individual who has something different to offer and we want no-one to leave with regrets about missed opportunities, but rather with a wealth of happy memories. We all have our strengths and weaknesses but as members of a community we respect each other’s differences and by working together we aim to help every member of the house to feel secure, understood and valued and to feel that they have got all they could out of their time in Sanderson’s and at Bedford School.

Sanderson’s House Booklet

History and Location

Sanderson’s House was previously called Ashfield’s and is located off the school estate, just down the road from Redburn House in a quiet, residential area of Bedford, between the school and the river. Although it is off site, it is only a seven minute walk to school, and the boys benefit from its large garden and proximity to the local shops. It is the smallest of the boarding houses.

Housemaster’s Welcome

My husband, our dogs and I love living in the House and getting to know all the boys who live in it. We pride ourselves on the relaxed atmosphere in the House and when a boy leaves Sanderson’s we hope he will have learnt to relate to others from a wide range of backgrounds, that he feels physically and emotionally strong and that for the time that he was in the House that he was shown respect, was listened to and provided with the most effective springboard for success possible.

Meet the Sanderson’s Team

Joanna Law, Housemaster
Joanna Law took over as Housemaster of Sanderson’s in September 2013.  She has taught French and German at Bedford School since January 2005 and spent seven years as Housemaster of Crescent House. Joanna is passionate about the pastoral care of the boys in the House and lives in Sanderson’s with her husband, Edward Irving, and their 3 spaniels. Edward spent his formative years at boarding school as his father was in the RAF and has a very good understanding of what it’s like being away from home.

Mr Mark Huddlestone, Assistant House Master
Mr Peter Lumley-Wood, House Tutor
Mr Phil Waterhouse, House Tutor