Welcome to Burnaby! All staff in Burnaby are committed to promoting the highest levels of student welfare in a warm and friendly environment.

Boys arrive at Burnaby from all parts of the world, as well as from relatively nearby. The broad range of backgrounds and cultures in the house provides a great opportunity for boys to broaden their understanding and the friends they make here will often be friends for life.

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History and Location

Burnaby is located right in the heart of Bedford School. Its close proximity to the main building and games field makes it very convenient for the boys. It is a five-minute walk along De Parys Avenue into the town centre.

Burnaby is named after Colonel Frederick Burnaby, a nineteenth-century soldier and adventurer who attended the school. He was particularly well known for his ballooning exploits and other local references exist, such as in the name of two nearby pubs. The famous portrait of Frederick Burnaby by the French artist Tissot made the headlines by being used by Prince Charles as a model for his own portrait.


Meet the Burnaby Team

Mr Robert Heale, Housemaster
Mr and Mrs Heale took over Burnaby in 2008. Mr Heale studied at Loughborough University and teaches Economics at A-level and IB. He is also very much involved in coaching rugby and cricket at the school. Mrs Heale is a paediatric nurse by training and now works for the NHS, commissioning continuing care services for children with complex health needs. They have four children. The eldest, Leah, was recently married at the school with the reception in the Burnaby garden. Their son Jac is away working in New Zealand, Alice is at Loughborough University and the youngest, Ffion is at Bedford Girls’ School.

Mr Mark Graham, Assistant Housemaster
Mr Stuart Knight, House Tutor
Mr Steve Adams, House Tutor

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