Our Boarding Houses are at the heart of life at Bedford School.

Burnaby, Pemberley, Phillpotts and Talbot’s houses are situated on the boundaries of the school campus while Redburn and Sanderson’s occupy sites in a leafy suburban area just five minutes’ walk from the school. Each of our six upper boarding houses offers boys a true ‘home from home’. Each house is distinctive; a genuinely warm and welcoming community with a character of its own. 

Run as an extended family by its Houseparents, together with an extensive team comprising of Assistant Housemasters, Visiting Tutors and Matrons, the houses are a supportive and safe environment to live, learn and grow. Boys have unrestricted access to Houseparents and this open-door policy encourages a strong relationship between parents, staff and boys.

The accommodation is excellent. The rooms are attractive, comfortable and thoroughly planned and common areas are fully equipped to cater for a wide range of interests and recreational needs. Visits, tours and outings are regularly organised and the programme of activities includes debates, plays, concerts, go-karting and paintballing. 

Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to take an active role in house life by joining their sons for house events and keeping up-to-date with their children’s progress.

Why Boarding?

There are many clear benefits to boarding, including:

  • Boarding helps to provide a sense of belonging to each and every boy and leads to the development of strong, lifelong friendships.
  • Through the boarding experience, boys are encouraged to show tolerance and understanding towards others, instilling both cultural awareness and a respect for others.
  • Character-building values such as selflessness, humility, kindness and sportsmanship are taught and encouraged.
  • Boys enjoy incredible camaraderie, which develops great community spirit both within the houses and the wider school community.
  • Boarding offers boys a first taste of independence and builds confidence, self-motivation and responsibility
  • The Sixth Form boarding option offers an ideal preparation for university life.
  • Boys are supported and encouraged by an extensive and caring team of Housemasters, Assistant Housemasters, Visiting Tutors and Matrons, as well as their housemates.
  • On a practical level, reduced travel time at either end of the day can be used much more productively for both academic and extra-curricular endeavours.
  • The extended day offers boys the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of interests, discover new talents, make the most of the school’s superb facilities and allows them to embrace the social side of school life to the full.
  • Supervised and highly structured prep time enhances each boy’s private study.
  • Boarding also provides continuity for boys whose parents’ work involved long hours or requires regular changes in location.