The Bedford School community is characterised by a warm and friendly atmosphere, where boarding and day school pupils happily coexist.

The school is made up of 83% of boys from the UK and 17% from overseas (33 different nationalities). It is, therefore, a truly international UK boarding school, which we feel gives us an edge in today’s global community and of which we are proud.

The Bedford Family

There are six day houses and six boarding houses in the Upper School, each with its own distinct character.  Friendship and interaction between boys across the school is enhanced through the twinning of each day house with a boarding house. As a result of this house-twinning, boys form strong bonds, share invaluable experiences and build the skills of generosity and teamwork.

  •    Ashburnham, twinned with Sanderson’s
  •    Bromham, twinned with Burnaby
  •    Crescent, twinned with Pemberley
  •    Paulo Pontine, twinned with Redburn
  •    St Cuthbert’s, twinned with Phillpotts
  •    St Peter’s, twinned with Talbot’s

Camaraderie is further strengthened by regular fun (and highly competitive) house events, such as singing, drama and sports competitions. Each year, our teams go head to head in a bid to scoop the much-coveted House Cup.

We are proud that, through the house system, boys foster an appreciation of others and the benefits of working together, and learn character-building values such as selflessness, humility, kindness and sportsmanship.  The camaraderie and friendships that boys build through their shared experiences continue well beyond the school gates and, for most, last a lifetime.

Day Houses

Our six Upper School day houses offer boys a place to meet friends and relax at break times, store bags in lockers, change for games and organise house teams.

Each house is a tight-knit community with a designated housemaster, house tutors and a matron, all of whom are dedicated to ensuring the boys in their care thrive. Housemasters and matrons are available each day, giving boys the opportunity to discuss their progress and raise any academic or pastoral issues.

Housemasters work closely with each boy’s tutor and stay in regular contact with parents. This close communication aids the development of pupils and promotes safety and wellbeing for all.

The day houses have full recreational facilities, including a common room, games room and locker room. There is a kitchen area in each house where sixth form boys can make themselves snacks and drinks, and all our houses are equipped with pool tables, TVs and games consoles.

Our inter-house events are varied enough to appeal to all our boys, whatever their interests. We hold regular paintballing contests, plays, quizzes and celebrations, as well as our more traditional sporting pursuits, and also house assemblies each week.

Boarding Houses

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Weekly Boarding
Weekly boarders enjoy the best of both worlds – spending the week making the most of the many varied opportunities available in the company of friends and then spending quality time together with their families at the weekend, after Saturday lessons and sporting commitments. Weekly boarders can return to the House on either Sunday evening or the Monday morning.

Full Boarding
For full boarders, every weekend is action packed and different, with regular trips and activities. In and around the school there is plenty to keep boys entertained: opportunities to socialise with their friends, use of the school sports facilities, house activities and competitions, chapel and visits to town, to name just a few. We also recognise and make time for all important rest and relaxation.

Changing Status

Boys who wish to switch between day and boarding can maintain their existing friendships by staying within their twinned houses.  For example, boys who do not feel ready to board when they arrive in the Fourth Form can look to switch to weekly or full boarding at a later stage (subject to availability).