The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award gives boys (aged 14-24) the chance to develop skills for life and work, and achieve an award that is recognised by universities and employers alike.

It is a wonderful way for boys to enjoy new experiences, discover hidden talents, challenge themselves, work as part of a team, and develop planning and problem solving skills, as well as make a difference to other people’s lives. The awards also give boys a huge sense of achievement from overcoming physical and mental challenges.

At Bedford School there are plenty of activities on offer that can count towards the Skill, Volunteering and Physical Activity sections of the Award.

The expedition section is undoubtedly the most exciting and challenging part of the Award. It is one of the few opportunities that boys get to be completely self-reliant. As a group, they have responsibility for planning their own adventure and ensuring that they can be self-sufficient for the duration of the expedition.

Boys can enter at any level as long as they are the minimum age but preference at Silver and Gold is given to boys who have completed previous levels.