The CCF, or Combined Cadet Force, is a national youth organisation sponsored and supported jointly by a partnership between the Ministry of Defence (MOD), Bedford School and Bedford Girls’ School.

Its aim is to ‘provide a disciplined organisation in a school so that pupils may develop powers of leadership by means of training to promote the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance’.

Our Corps consists of three sections: The Royal Navy, The Army and The Royal Air Force. Each section specialises in training applicable to the service they are linked to. The main emphasis for the Navy is diving, sailing, power-boating, navigation and adventure training. The RAF fly in both gliders and light aircraft, and also train in applicable ground subjects. The Army syllabus is based mainly on outdoor ‘field’ activities such as weapon training, shooting, map reading and field-craft. All new recruits follow a training programme in drill, weapon training, map reading and first aid to prepare them for the various activities ahead.

Through a wide range of camps and courses, our cadets gain invaluable leadership and teamwork skills, as well as enjoying a range of unique experiences with a wide variety of students from not only Bedford Girls’ School but schools across the country, and indeed the world.