Our ‘Beyond Bedford’ programme maximises the school’s ethos of integrity, responsibility, curiosity and endeavour by providing our boys with the self-awareness, confidence, breadth of experience, opportunities and networking skills to make informed and confident decisions about the options available to them and, ultimately, their future beyond school.

Outstanding Careers and UCAS provision at Bedford School is infused throughout the curricular and extracurricular life of the school, enabling all boys, throughout their school years: from 7 to 18, their university years and indeed their professional careers, to access exceptional, tailored, professional experience and advice.

‘Beyond Bedford’ is embedded into every strand of school life, and encompasses the use of in-house expertise, networking through the Old Bedfordians Club with the support of current and past parents and over 50 clubs and societies in school to promote learning agility. 

Bedford School boys must have the crucial skills and qualifications when faced with the dynamic, competitive Russell Group universities and apprenticeship routes, notwithstanding international pathways in the US and the EU.

Tracking the acquisition of the key employability skills is completed online – the Bedford Development Profile (BDP), up to the Removes, which enables pastoral and academic staff to maintain an overview of every boy’s involvement in school life and to ensure each boy maximises the wealth of opportunity available at every stage of his school career.

Further to this, whilst in the Remove Form, our boys are logged into a platform called Unifrog, which enables them to use their BDP information to build a profile regarding their competencies and eventually leading to a CV. The Lower Sixth Form use Unifrog with additional features in order to research post-school options, for investigating apprenticeships, completing MOOCS and working on their personal statements for UCAS.

Other important external organisations we have engaged with are Inspiring Futures, with whom we maintain a close working relationship for the Futurewise programme and 1:1 interviews for the Fifth Form, Cambridge Occupational Analysts, who help us with the Centigrade psychometric testing in the Sixth Form, the National Citizen Service, which boys avail themselves of the summer camp opportunities every year, and of course, UCAS. We have also recently got together with globalbridge, a new and exciting 3D platform upon which Sixth Form boys can showcase their skills.

Expert Guidance

In-house expertise at Bedford School involves a core team of staff, working in collaboration with the Head of Careers & UCAS, Mrs Mel Lincoln, who manages the careers email address. 

ISCO Membership

Bedford School is a member of ISCO (Independent Schools Careers Organisation) which is offered by The Inspiring Futures Foundation. Our membership means we are informed of the latest careers news and have access to continual professional development (CPD), the latest resources, independent careers professionals including a careers helpline for answers to careers questions or in-depth research – all of which translates to your child being well informed and well guided through the ever changing, complex and competitive world of higher education, alternatives to higher education and employment.     


When pupils reach the Remove Form, Bedford School enrols them into the Futurewise career guidance programme. Futurewise sets the benchmark for excellent and progressive career guidance. It provides a comprehensive and personalised service to today’s generation of students to enable them to take control of their own career planning choices.

Futurewise provides a series of intuitive and engaging (online) psychometric assessments, a detailed profile report and access to Futurewise membership. You can read more about the Futurewise programme here.

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