Bedford School is an all-boys independent school. There are approximately 140 boys in the Upper Sixth (Year 13) each year. The school does select boys for entry on the basis of baseline testing and exam results, but we believe in an all-round education which values academic endeavour alongside extracurricular activity and involvement.

We offer both A-Level and International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes in the Sixth Form. We do not offer AS courses; our pupils follow a two-year linear course with internal examinations in April of the Lower Sixth (Year 12). Similarly, and as is usual with the IB Diploma, boys only obtain a certificated grade at the end of their two-year linear course.

Our A-Level boys all undertake the Bedford School Independent Project (BSIP) in the Lower Sixth; this is a piece of independent research on a topic of their own choosing, for which they are allocated one period a week. It leads to an essay submission and/or presentation at the end of the Spring Term. Some boys then opt to convert this work into an Extended Project Qualification. All IB boys undertake an Extended Essay.