In what seems to be a Sports Day tradition, the sun was shining and the air had the warmth of a midsummer’s day.  Spirits were high as the whole of the Upper School descended upon Bedford Athletics Stadium on Thursday 27 September. The event started without delay and both track and field were filled with boys giving their all and fighting for every position, knowing that their score may be the one to tip the balance in the final standings. It was apparent that the heads of sport for each house had worked hard to ensure that every available space was filled.

There were a few stand-out performances, Fung Lau sailed over 1.81m in the high jump and Stephen Simmons put on typically impressive 100-metre sprint and long jump displays.  However, the highlight was probably the Sixth Form 100-metres: a race in which the top three competitors; first place Ryan Apps, second place Timmy Pong and third place Ian Lau, all ran under 11.5 seconds.

The conduct of all the boys made it a very enjoyable event and the staff must be thanked unreservedly for their involvement in helping run such a well-organised and competitive event. 



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