At Bedford Prep, we recognise that every week should be an anti-bullying week. However, during national anti-bullying week, we take the opportunity to focus on bullying with our boys and look at the long-lasting effect it has on those who experience and witness it. 

Through special assemblies and focused personal development sessions as well as a fun odd socks day – a great way to celebrate individuality! – the boys are invited to explore ways to deal with bullies, find help and stay safe and happy in school.

This year, the focus was around uniting against bullying, and the boys discussed the various roles that people play in bullying scenarios and how they could react if they encountered bullying. They also created class jigsaws, with each boy designing one jigsaw piece to join to the next to ‘unite’ them against bullying.   

“We’re all a piece in the puzzle, and together, we’re united against bullying.”


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