The Bedford School Boat Club raced at Marlow, Thames Valley Park
and BASHER II regattas over the weekend of 18/19 June 2016.

The 1st VIII competed in the IM2 category at Marlow Regatta.
 After the time trial they qualified for the C final, which proved an
incredibly tight race with all seven crews within one length after 2000m of
racing. The Bedford School 1st VIII finished 3rd, just behind Pangbourne and
Hampton, but ahead of Kingston Grammar, Windsor Boys, and Choate Rosemary Hall,
USA. This was a solid result for the crew and enough to see them prequalify for
Henley Royal Regatta next week.

The J15 A crew raced at Thames Valley Park Regatta where they won
the J15 A VIIIs, beating Shiplake College again after their victory over them
at the National Schools Regatta. This was a particularly good result as three
of the crew were absent on the DoE expedition so three boys from the B crew
stepped up brilliantly to produce one of their best races of the season.

The J15 B crew, with boys missing in the A crew or on the DoE
expedition raced a quad at the BASHER II Regatta. Despite being reduced in
numbers they produced three good rows.

The J14 A crew raced at Marlow Regatta. They had a slightly difficult
time trial and qualified for the B final. However, in the B final they produced
a dominant display to win by over 10 seconds.

Our other J14 crews raced at the BASHER Regatta.  The J14 B
crew finished as the 3rd fastest J14 B crew, just behind St Pauls and London
Oratory. The J14 C crew finished as the 2nd fastest C crew behind
Abingdon.  The J14 D crew were the fastest D crew. For the first time in
recent knowledge, the Boat Club fielded a J14 E crew, who excelled themselves
to beat Hampton’s E crew.

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