It has been a busy but exciting week for some of the youngest boys in the Prep School as they travelled back in time to explore the worlds of the Romans and the Ancient Egyptians.

On Thursday, our Y4 boys sank their teeth into their new topic: The Romans, when they headed to the Dining Halls for a spot of pizza making. It may be hard to imagine but this modern-day staple owes its origins to the Romans who were amongst the first to add toppings to flatbreads – normally olive oil and local spices – yum. Our school chefs were on hand during the fun session to help the boys create their own delicious versions.

On Friday, our Y3 boys became archaeologists as they travelled back to Ancient Egypt. Using tunnel paintings, pottery and puzzles, the boys collected clues about their fascinating topic.

With plenty of interactive lessons and activities planned for the weeks ahead, we are sure that there will be more time travel for the boys to enjoy.

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