As is usual, at the start of each term, we like to reveal the latest study topic to our Y3 boys in a fun way. This term, remote learning added some challenges, but our intrepid Y3 teachers are not easily stopped. 

Using the boys’ compass skills—learned last term—the boys set off on an exciting treasure hunt to gather clues. Armed with a shared map of the Prep School, they were required to direct Mr Whitbread, who was on located in the Prep School grounds, to the map’s different clue spots using their N, S, E and W cardinal compass points. At each point, there was a special clue, which eventually would reveal their new topic. The boys watched on screen as Mr Whitbread followed their instructions and led them to each point. It was very exciting! 

As the boys pieced the clues together, they guessed at their new topic. Could it be nature, adventures or space? When the grand reveal came at the end of the day, the topic was unveiled as Extreme Earth.

In the weeks ahead, the boys can look forward to exploring themes such as weather, volcanoes, animal adaptations, map work and earthquakes in both lessons and Mini Project preps.

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