The Erskine May Hall became Elsinore Castle on Wednesday 27 March when the Young Shakespeare Company immersed our Y6 boys in the tale of Hamlet.

During the interactive and inclusive workshop, the boys explored the characters’ motives, thoughts and feelings.

  • Was Prince Hamlet truly mad?
  • Was his uncle guilty of his father’s murder? How could he detect his guilt?
  • Would he kill his uncle?

The boys were enthralled and engaged by the classic tale of drama, romance and comedy (and there was lots of comedy!), the fight scenes, tragic deaths and scary ghost.

The boys proved themselves as more than just an audience; they became part of the drama as they acted key roles, such as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and added sound effects to scenes with infectious enthusiasm and delight.

Our thanks go to the brilliant Young Shakespeare Company whose performance brought Shakespeare to life while making the play accessible and fun for the boys.

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