A lecture by John O’Connor

“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.” OSCAR WILDE

Join us for our first academic lecture of 2017. The English and Drama Societies join forces to bring you this exciting lecture by John O’Connor, talking about the continued popularity and influence of Oscar Wilde’s celebrated novel.

When The Picture of Dorian Gray was published in 1890, it was savaged by the critics as ‘a poisonous book…which will taint every young mind that comes in contact with it.’ Five years later, it was used by the government as part of the prosecution against Oscar Wilde for gross indecency at The Old Bailey. What made this slim novel so dangerous to the Victorians? And why does it seem so modern to us today?

John O’Connor is the author of The Trials of Oscar Wilde and recently adapted The Picture of Dorian Gray for the stage with Wilde’s grandson Merlin Holland. He will explore the strange history of this dangerous book, how it has invaded popular culture (from Star Trek to Penny Dreadful) and why it is so relevant to us in the twenty first century.



Monday 16 January 2017




The Quarry Theatre


£Free (ticketed event)


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12yrs +


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