Eight linguists, four boys from Bedford School and four girls from Bedford Girls’ School, took to the stage at the Quarry Theatre on 1st and 2nd February to perform  the Spanish play El Landó de Seis Caballos.

After initially preparing ten minutes of it for a drama competition in London, in which they won one of the top prizes, it took several more months to put on the full play. Though only an hour in length, it required slick performances from the whole cast, including singing, to bring out the humour in this light-hearted piece about some old folks who never leave the house and who are then visited unexpectedly and mysteriously by five young people who are as confused as they are! 

The Spaniards who came along all laughed in the right places so well done to our actors for getting the message across.


Bedford School:
Frank Kupshik, Andrew Zhu, Nathaniel Conte and Jake Duxbury

Bedford Girls’ School:
Elli Chappelhow, Charlotte Spanoudakis, Grace Shapley and Sophie Allen

Aidan Huxford, África Ferrero, Maite Buergo, Montse Gómez and María Graciani

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