We were delighted to, once again, welcome back Kevin Hicks of The History Squad to the Prep School on Thursday 12 January 2016.

In a couple of entertaining and education sessions, boys investigated two exciting periods of history. 

Y6 explored medieval weaponry; how it was made, how it was operated and used in battle.  Boys also learnt about medical treatment in the medieval era through the story of the arrow that almost killed the young King V when it became stuck in his face. Then, in a wonderfully gruesome activity, they helped to surgically remove the arrow from a model.

After lunch, Y7 boys were introduced to the world of fighting in the English Civil Wars. With the opportunity to handle the weaponry and armour used by soldiers, the talk brought to life the tragedies and triumphs of that dramatic era. Kevin Hick’s annual visit was brought to a dramatic end with the firing of matchlock musket. An excellent example of bringing history to life. 


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