The dramatic events of 3 March 1979 were poignantly brought home to boys on its 37th anniversary. 

Sixth Former, Josh Taylor, created a unique commemoration by burning a very striking (and large) canvas of the main school building, which he filmed to symbolise the speed with which fire can destroy hours of work. Then on the anniversary of the fire itself, his film was projected from the 1st XV rugby pitch onto the main school building itself.  This highly original and visceral presentation highly praised by the boys, staff and visitors, who had attended that evening’s Gilbert Lloyd lecture, who witnessed the spectacle.



Mr Bob Eadie, the only current member of teaching staff who was there at the time, also gave the boys an insight into the dramatic fire.  Significantly, he spoke of the many positives that arose from the tragedy, including the tremendous community spirit and ‘can-do’ attitude of the school and wider community to get back to normal as quickly as possible, as well as the longer-term project of rebuilding the school’s iconic main building.  He also poignantly reminded the boys that, “is that it is not the buildings which make a school, although they might help, it is the people.”

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