In years gone by, boys left the School with little information on the Old Bedfordians Club, and were expected to reach out to the Club if they wished to be part of it and join in with its events. These days however, things are a little different, as not only do we like to keep current OBs up to date with our affairs but also future ones.

In their final term at the School, boys in the Upper Sixth are now given a presentation on the Old Bedfordians Club by Director of the OB Club, Richard Garrett. In this informal presentation, the boys are given a brief summary of the Club’s proud heritage, the benefits of being part of such a thriving network and how they can get involved with the extensive range of social and sporting activities the Club offers. The message given to the boys is a simple one – the OB Club is a friendly, vibrant and fun organisation with links across the Globe.

Taking place ahead of the OB Sports Weekend, on Saturday 12th March, our most recent presentation, to boys taking the International Baccalaureate, was received well with laughs throughout. We look forward to welcoming our current stock of sixth-formers to an OB event very soon!

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