After a lovely afternoon in the marquee at the OB ‘At Home’ on Saturday 2nd July, where many old, and not-so-old, acquaintances were met and farewells made, a group of OBs proceeded to the Embankment Public House for the (now annual) obligatory jug of Pimm’s and lemonade at 5pm.

We then moved to another of our obligatory and annual watering holes, The Ship in St Cuthbert’s Street, where some of us said goodbye to Colin Baker, our former Chemistry Master, now risen to the dizzy heights of Vice Master after 37 years of stalwart service to the School!

The Saturday ended with a significant number of OB’s imbibing themselves in a curry at the good old Magna Tandoori restaurant on Tavistock Street.

The morning after consisted of a ‘fat-boys’ breakfast for some of the previous day’s attendees…all of whom experimented in the age-old hangover cure of a Full English at the wonderful Pavilion in the Park Cafe (well recommended…especially by Richard Garrett!).

The group then made their way once again to the Embankment Pub at midday for another farewell to Colin Baker, with his lovely wife Jackie. If that was not enough, about 20 of us transferred at 1pm to Saffron Indian Restaurant in Tavistock Street. There was merriment and anecdotes aplenty over a curry buffet fit for an outgoing Chemistry/Vice Master, as well as some opportune Greek Cypriot dancing and expertise Violin serenading from Andrew Hubbard (74-84)!

And so, with the minimal fuss, as was his want, Colin Baker, our dear friend and mentor, glided into retirement amongst his students and friends – leaving behind a worthy legacy of 37 years.

God Bless you Sir and all the best for your retirement.

Dr Jason Reddy FRCGP (79-84)

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