If you have recently graced the corridors and stairwells of the Bedford School Science building, then this striking, 30-foot-high mural will be a familiar sight.

Old Bedfordian Oliver English (07-12) and his family’s graphic design company (Ensign Ltd) generously organised and funded the mural’s installation which covers the entire south wall of the Biology staircase. The mural is a dramatic winter photograph entitled ‘Feast of the East’, showing two Golden Eagles as they feast on a wild salmon in the watersheds of the South Kamchatka Sanctuary, in a river which flows into Lake Kuril. The image was kindly donated by Alexei Bezrukov, the London Natural History Photographer of the Year.

On Monday 14 May, we were delighted to welcome Oliver and his parents, Christos and Claire, into school to view the giant mural which has already wowed hundreds of boys, parents, Old Bedfordians and visitors to the science department. They also met with James Hodgson, Head Master; Mike Beale Head of Science and Richard Garrett, Director of Bedford School Association, all who expressed their thanks for this unique gift.

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