The theme for this year’s Prep House Art competition on Tuesday 7 May proved both thought-provoking and inspiring, and the standard of art was simply outstanding.

Phil Studd, Head of Art, told us, “The theme ‘Recycled’ gave boys the opportunity to express their concerns, interest and solutions to a global issue that will unquestionably affect their generation. For me, they tackled a delicate but important issue with confidence and intellect. From an artistic point of view, their handling and manipulation of media was exciting and bold. A walk through this exhibition effectively demonstrates that boys at Bedford Prep School are willing and confident to communicate what is happening in the world around them.”

“I am proud of them all”


Our judge for 2019, Katie Nicholson (who leads sculpture in the Upper School), praised the diversity of ideas, as well as the boys’ confidence and skills with a range of media and processes. 

With entry and position points combined, Howard emerged as the triumphant house to claim the House Art Cup for 2019 – so well done to Howard!


1st Alastair Tierney, Bunyan
2nd Isaac West, Howard
3rd Lewis Pettengell, Whitbread
Commended Henri Helm, Whitbread

1st Matthew Cato, Howard
2nd Benjamin Rioch, Whitbread
3rd Freddie Bowis, Howard
Commended Aryan Sohanpal, Harpur
Commended Charles Whittle-Queral, Howard

1st Oliver Yates, Harpur
2nd Will Turner, Whitbread
3rd Harry Clifton, Howard
Commended David Wiltshire, Howard
Commended Clement Rahwangi Gough, Howard

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