On Saturday 7th November, we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of OBs back to the school for a 1965 Talbot’s Reunion. Of the original 15 who joined Talbot’s JCR back in 1965, we were delighted to welcome back 11 returning for their first ever reunion; quite a few of whom had not seen each other since they left the school so many years ago!

Organised by Jeremy Mantell (63-70) and Talbot’s Housemaster, Matt Gracie, the group were given a guided tour of Talbot’s as it is now, by Matt’s wife, KJ. The group reported that half a century had certainly changed it rather a lot, although some things were rather too familiar, bringing back lots of memories. Jeremy recalls that in his ‘heady days as Head of House, would you believe, we went to Chapel wearing a bowler and carrying a silver tipped cane – both supplied by Talbot’s. Indeed, it was only during our time in the house that corporal punishment boy-on-boy was stopped – but not soon enough to spare me!’.

The OBs also relished leafing through the House archive and book, which they had vague recollections of writing in, unearthing their names written within. Finding it a fascinating trip down memory lane, they apparently could have spent a couple of hours reading through it all.

A number of the group also stayed on to attend the Chapel’s Remembrance Service the next morning. Having been 45 years since the men had sat in those pews, they found it almost an emotional experience but were glad to find the sense of community as strong as they had recalled.

Praising the modern Talbot’s House and its keepers, they ‘were all impressed by the boys that they met, both around the house and in Chapel. It is a credit that they were all so welcoming and, more importantly, interesting to chat to and able to hold a good conversation whilst holding one’s eyes’. All in all, it was a most enjoyable weekend, for both OBs and staff – many thanks to all who made it.

If you would like to revisit your school days, whether individually or organising a reunion with your House, sports team or year etc. please do email us at obclub@bedfordschool.org.uk and we will be more than happy to help you with whatever arrangements you would like. We love to see OBs return!

See if you recognise any of the names the group found from their year in the pictures of the House Book below:

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