Max Williamson and Josh Carmichael impressed the judging panel, consisting of the Heads of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, the Head of Science and the Head Master, to win the prestigious Talalay Science Prize for 2015 on Tuesday 1 December. 

The boys, along with all Sixth Form Science entrants, were required to submit a written report, give a presentation and answer questions from the panel to demonstrate the depth of their understanding.  Both boys impressed with their originality, creativity, and communicational skills.  Max’s presentation was entitled ‘Embryonic Morphology’ and Josh’s ‘On Prion Infections and the Normal Neuronal Protein’.


History of the Talalay Science Prize

Old Bedfordians Leon (34-36) and Paul Talalay (34-40) donated The Talalay Science prize in 1992 in recognition of the high standard of teaching that they received, particularly in the Sciences, while at Bedford School. Paul Talalay is a distinguished medical professor at John Hopkins University in the United States where he has been researching DNA sequencing and the development of natural anti-carcinogens for many years and is a worldwide authority in his field. Paul associates his time at Bedford as being crucial to his development in the sciences. 


Read Max Williamson’s ReporT  |  pdf
Read Josh Carmichael’s ReporT  |  pdf  

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