It was the turn of our Y7 boys to enjoy an action-packed day of team building activities on Friday, 24 September, and what a wonderful sunlit day it turned out to be. 

During their ‘off curriculum’ day, the boys enjoyed a whole range of activities. They put their construction skills to the test by building waterproof survival shelters – which were rigorously tested for effectiveness, with much excitement, by simulated downpours showers – aka a bucket of water! 

The boys also used teamwork and ingenuity to construct stretchers out of poles and fleeces, which needed to be strong enough to transport a fellow pupil, while orienteering challenges—some even blindfolded—tested the boys’ reading and communication skills as well as their trust in each other. 

A new game— think dodgeball crossed with tag archery (with foam-tipped arrows and protective headgear, of course)—was met with great excitement.  It truly was a sight to see the arrows flying across the Inky pitch as the boys competed in teams to take the prize. 

In a slightly more relaxed session, boys also enjoyed the chance to reflect on the excitement of the day while enjoying freshly toasted cheese sandwiches and s’mores, all cooked over the firepit.

Head of Y7, Mr Rob Heaney, explained, “We welcomed some 30 boys to Y7 this year, so today offered the perfect opportunity for them all, along with their Tutors, to truly get to know one another outside the classroom. Through the fun activities, the boys also built upon their teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills – all of which are transferable to the classroom, the sports field and beyond.”

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