This year’s Summer Bands’ Concert was yet again a fantastic event with excellent performances from all groups who played.

The evening started with Lower Sixth Former Henry Poppleton opened the concert performing ‘Tico Tico’ accompanied by the Senior Brass Ensemble. This lively dance, played with panache, set the tone for the rest of the evening. Mr Groom’s arrangement of Married Life from the film Up saw the audience interact by keeping large colourful balloons afloat for the duration of the piece – a wonderful sight, and a clever idea. This led to inevitable hilarity and was certainly a highlight of the evening for the younger members in the audience.

The Junior Brass Ensemble followed, performing their pieces admirably, demonstrating the depth of talent throughout the Brass Department. Upper Sixth Former Silas Sanders then wowed the audience with the 1st Movement of Gregson’s Tuba Concerto, brilliantly accompanied by the School Band who performed this challenging work in a highly accomplished manner. Last, but certainly not least, was the Jazz Orchestra, performing two classics of the big band genre, undoubtedly whetting the appetite for their performance in The Quarry Theatre on 2 July.

You can tune into a live recording of the concert here: 

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