It is that exciting time of year again when staff, parents and boys are invited to view the stunning art coursework and exam pieces which the boys have been working on for months as part of their GCSE, A-Level and IB courses.

Not only is a mosey around the Art Studio a wonderfully, tranquil experience, but to be able to take in the imagination of the boys and see their thoughts and ideas realised on paper, canvas, lino and in sculptures, always leaves us amazed.   

This year, 34 boys chose to take GCSE Art and were able to choose from one of five topics for their exam theme: Mirror, Boxes, Birds, Signs or Dwellings. Pieces produced for the coursework and exam included an intricate lino print showing the curvature of the roof at St Pancras Station by Boris Song and an injured, caged bird by Jason Tsui.

Our 10 A-Level boys were able to choose from seven topics: Street, Nocturnal, Plastic, European, Silver, Archaeology or Musical Instruments. It was clear to see that ‘Street’ had inspired many of them, with pieces ranging from Banksy-inspired paintings to market stalls painted in oils and large neon city night-time scenes. Some pieces were presented in 3D form. There was a delightful gramophone sculpted from pieces of card, and a rather unusual trumpet-violin union both by Oscar Tiang.

Visitors to the exhibition sipped on Pimms (adults only) and voted for their favourite piece in the whole exhibition. We are delighted for Matthew Stewart in the Lower Sixth Form who was voted ‘Best in Show’ while Nikhil Chavda in the Upper Sixth was awarded the Head Master’s Art Prize for the quality and range of his work which caught Mr Hodgson’s eye.

We wish all the boys the very best for their pending results.

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