A number of staff members left the School this term after 10 years or more service.

Colin Marsh is not moving but will be keeping busy and is hoping to learn new things.

Olive Heffill is retiring after 19 very happy years at the Study Centre, 15 of them as Director. She is moving back to Glasgow to take care of her mother and will still be part of the English-teaching world through working as an inspector. She is as always happy to hear from ex-BSSC students who can now find her at oliveburnside@gmail.com and on Facebook as Olive Burnside.

Sebastian Chance shall be returning to a life as a full time artist. He will be working with sculptor Simon Cooley in Brecon for one week in September, working with forged steel. He has two exhibitions planned for next year, one at Bedford School in May (keep an eye on the school website for more information), and one in London at the Mercer Chance Gallery in Hoxton. He also plans to do some travelling – in his newly acquired, seventeen year old VW T4 camper van – in Britain to begin with, and then who knows where? He shall be keeping in touch with the school, visiting exhibitions in the Foyer Gallery, and attending the Gilbert Lloyd art lectures.

Mike Gunn will be staying put in Bedford next year, decorating the house, tidying up the garden and hopefully spending more time exploring the canals on his narrowboat. He also hopes to use the time to develop his photography skills, capturing wildlife and landscapes relating to the canals.

Sarah Swidenbank has no definite plans for next year but intends to reap the benefit of off-peak holidays and last minute deals, travel the country buying at auction and selling on eBay (purely as a hobby) and commit herself to some charity work. She will also be continuing her work as an A level and GCSE moderator.

Sue Keane will be embarking on lots of new adventures both here and abroad, and enrolling on a number of different courses that will keep her very busy, as well as landscaping her garden and finally having the time to learn to play the piano. She also dabbles in vintage furniture and antiques so will be up at the crack of dawn, on certain days, to visit flea markets and car boot fairs, carrying a torch and a large bag! She hopes to return to the Prep School, as and when needed, and very much hopes to be invited back to see the boys perform in concerts and productions.

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