The 1979 and 1980 1st VIII squads enjoyed an online reunion with legendary OB and coach John Osborne (60-65, staff 71-82).  Some of the squad hadn’t seen one another other since leaving School, although it didn’t take long for the banter to begin! 

All agreed that their experiences in the Boat Club had shaped their lives, due in no small measure to John’s inspirational coaching both on and off the water.   The conversation soon flowed, with recollections of the tour to Canada, John’s butcher bike, hours spent in the leviathan and victories at Bedford and Norwich regattas, the margins of which grew longer and longer as the evening progressed!     

We were delighted that following OBs were able to join us from both the UK,  Singapore, the USA and Ecuador;

John Osborne (60-65, staff 71-82)
Rob Campbell-Gray (76-81)
Mark Clayton (70-79)
Steve Collins (71-80)
Wayne Fozzard (77-79)
Simon Johnson (70-81)
Matt Orr (75-81)
Will Palmer (72-81)
Christian Rayner (71-81)
Paolo Scaglioni (75-80)
Phil Walbank (70-80)

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