The whole of Y7 enjoyed a top secret mission on Monday 26 September – a covert trip to Spy Games in Milton Keynes. 

Despite departing in very wet conditions, the rain disappeared on arrival and the boys were soon busy acquiring new skills in code-breaking, bomb-deactivation and sniper-firing.  Laser mazes and minefields were also skillfully negotiated.

The boys had a great day, under the careful supervision and tutelage of their instructors, and Mr Allen, Mrs Christian, Miss Donley and Miss Goodman brushed up their secret agent skills whilst also getting to know each other better. 

Mr Allen (Head of Y7) commented, “It was great to see the boys getting so involved and working together so well, even though they weren’t all in their usual friendship groups.  The ultimate aim was to gain ‘Spy Dollars’ but these were only gained if boys worked together and displayed teamwork.” 

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