Boys, parents and staff brought the academic year to a close on Saturday 2 July 2016 with a wonderful celebration which showcased the many talents of the boys.

The morning commenced with a moving Leavers' Service in the Chapel for our Upper Sixth boys and their families. Following photos and refreshments, we welcomed back Old Bedfordian and Editor of The Times, John Witherow (65-70) as the guest speaker for Prize Giving.  In a witty address he spoke of his failed attempt to revisit his school days on a previous visit; one in which he accidentally became trapped on the school estate and had to make a daring escape.  He vowed on that occasion never to return!  However, a letter from the Head Master, which he described as "a masterful display of charm and guile," persuaded him to return, and we are very glad he did.  Fittingly, his first of his words of advice for the boys, "Do not vow not to do things" and "Charm will get you everywhere. . . Of course, you must study hard and play hard. Of course, you must be altruistic and go out and do good. But one sure way of enabling you to do these things is to be charming."  

He also pointed out to boys that 'it is good to fail' and that can be a wonderful driver for future success, and that they shouldn't give up.  "Shoot for the stars but don't be disheartened if it takes a while to reach them"  To finish, he encouraged boys to "Do what interests you; what intrigues you. Do NOT do what others think you should do".  That way you will enjoy work and life.

Prize Giving Booklet | PDF

The day, term and, indeed, the academic year wrapped up with House drinks on the playing field, with cricket, music and art to enjoy.  It was a great opportunity for our leavers, staff and boys alike, to celebrate their careers at the school and say their goodbyes alongside their families.  

Additional photos can be viewed on our Facebook page.

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