During last week’s half-term holiday (12th- 17th February), a group of seventeen boys studying Spanish at Bedford School flew off to Madrid for a happy blend of lessons in a language school, sightseeing and family life. They were ably taught in the mornings till lunchtime at the Don Quijote school, toured the city, the art galleries, the football ground and El Escorial in the afternoons and spent time with their host families in the evenings and over breakfast.  Most boys were from year 9 but there were three seniors from year 12.  They were accompanied by the veteran Mr Huxford and the ‘new boys’, Sr Sánchez and Sr Hoyos.

While out there, the group were fortunate enough to link up with Ángel Martínez Noriega (98-99) who lives in Spain and is involved in property management. They shared a typical Spanish lunch with him, swapping stories of mutual acquaintances from his days at the School and bringing him up to date with recent changes. Both the OB Club and the School would like to express their gratitude to Ángel for his time, it’s always good to bump into old friends in different parts of the world!

(L-R) Sr Hoyos, Ángel Martínez Noriega, Mr Huxford and Sr Sánchez

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